Dance, dance otherwise you`re lost! Großmütterchen Hatz `'tanzt' new program 2021/2022. The more you dance, the better you´ll feel!


A musical meet-up that raises high expectations. With “Grossmuetterchen Hatz” and “Trio Klok” two formations have found together, that are already well known to connoisseurs of the local world music scene and need not be introduced further. Everyone who is not yet familiar – mark my words - they are two of the most remarkable and in the past years also most successful representatives of global sound in Austria. M. Ternai 2017


The GMH Orkestar played a cocktail of jazz inspired by Austrian folk music, with Franziska Hatz on vocals and accordion. Her enthusiasm for their music encouraged some members of the audience to dance towards the back of the stands. GMHO’s music showed, more obviously than anywhere else, in the festival how expansive the jazz genre truly is. (International Jazz FESTIVAL CAIRO 2013)


GMH Orkestar – founded by Franziska Hatz, this Viennese band started in 2010. Their music is a mixture of klezmer traditions, pop, folk, rock, ska and jazz elements. Since the very beginning, they've been a breath of fresh air on the Austrian music scene. They played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman, DJ Shantel and bands such as Bucovina Club Orkestrar and Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar. Each concert is like an eruption of unbelievable energy, unique mastery and humor. They can make anyone dance even the most reluctant people, so... let’s dance! (Jewish Culture Festival Warsaw 2013)


From Austria comes this quintet, or orkestar as they call themselves. Grouped around singer and accordion player Franziska Hatz. The band plays Balkan traditionals mostly, arranged by the musicians. What I like is that this band dares to be different and searches for their own sound and style. It’s great, sometimes explosive, music. Energetic and the fun and pleasure of the musicians is hearable in their, bit raw, interpretation of the traditional tunes. Nice jazz elements, bit occasional SKA sounds and a few moments of cliché sounding melodies and dances, but without getting boring. Just before I think they should change their style, they take an unexpected road and surprise me again with their real party music. Very nice album, much better than many other Balkan-like bands.
© Eelco Schilder

GROßMÜTTERCHEN (means “Grandma”) HATZ SALON ORKESTAR is a humorous "Worldjazzfolkskapopp-Quintett".Their influences are drawn from Klezmer, Balkanfolk, Latin America and from classical music.  This very  successful band has presented their first CD "Gallato" during the International Klezmore-Festival on November 12th at the Viennese World Music-Club "Klub Ost".

This rather new "five-piece-crossover-band" excels with a very unpretentious and highly entertaining sound, combining Worldmusic from Klezmer-, Balkan- and Latin-influcences with some joyful sidesteps into Jazz , Raggae, Ska and Classical music.

A combination of virtuous musicians, who have played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman and for DJ Shantel, Bucovina Club Orkestar or the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar amongst others, the traditional pieces and own compositions that stimulate to dance, and their passion for playing has an amazing effect on the audience … they love it and can't stop moving.

Since their foundation in 2010 the GMH ORKESTAR has played aprox 200 gigs, from festivals to clubs and weddings.


Free TV OKTO, 2021
Kultursendung Ă–1, 2020
ORF III, Live, 2017
Vienna - Festival, 2016
Ă–1 - Liveshow, 2014, 2017

Radio Wien - 2014, 2017
Radio Helsinki - Bandportrait 2013


Nomination Folkmusikprize, Germany 2017
OpeningGala, International Accordion Festival Vienna, 2017
Austrian-Worldmusicaward - Audianceprize 2015
Nomination of their debutalbum GALLATO by the jury of the German Record Awards.

International Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2012, 2015
International Jazzfestival CAIRO 2013

Concerts -  Swing on Snow Italy, International Jazz Festival Saalfelden, International Accordion Festival Vienna, Klezmore Festival Vienna, B-flat Jazzclub Berlin, Generaldirektion and Stadtfest Graz (A), Jazz & the City Festival Salzburg (A), The Montmartre-Festival Vienna and many more.


Franziska Hatz - Accordion, Vocal

Richie Winkler - Reeds

Jörg Reissner - Guitar

Roman Britschgi - Doublebass, Percussion

Sasa Nikolic - Drums