HATZ & KLOK – „Salon Oskar“

May 12th 2017

A place, where no boundaries exist between styles and music from all genres connects in a fascinating way to something new. Exactly such a place HATZ & KLOK have found on their new album “Salon Oskar” (Eiffelbaum Records).

A musical meet-up that raises high expectations. With “Grossmuetterchen Hatz” and “Trio Klok” two formations have found together, that are already well known to connoisseurs of the local world music scene and need not be introduced further. Everyone who is not yet familiar – mark my words - they are two of the most remarkable and in the past years also most successful representatives of global sound in Austria.


It really is a small sensation, a project that opens a new chapter of musical diversity over here. Under the name “Hatz & Klok” the music of not only half but rather the whole world converges together. Franziska Hatz (accordion, vocals), Richie Winkler (sax, oriental clarinet, bass clarinet), Roman Britschgi (bass, contrabass), Jörg Reissner (guitar) and Sasa Nikolic (drums) spark a firework in their compositions and revisions of traditionals that burns in the brightest colors and conveys pure joy of performance  in a stirring way.

The five musicians span a bow of unbelievable width, reaching from modern Jazz over fervent sounds of the Balcan and the melancholical notes of Klezmer all the way to genuine chamber music. In between also folkloristic sounds and folk music are mingled in, not even stopping from pop, funk or rock.

Hatz & Klok celebrate pure joy of life on “Salon Oskar”, pure joie de vivre, elegant sounds in a beautiful form, overwhelming energy of groove, musical individualism and boundless adventurousness.  There is a constant variety between playfulness, dynamis and mellow demureness. Not much time to catch ones breath.

“Salon Oskar” manifests a masterpiece of word music. The album is an enthralling acoustical experience, causing delightful shivers and makes the audience dance and dream. What a magnificent spectacle, that Hatz and Klok are displaying. M. Ternai 2017 - Translation A. Schober

GROßMÜTTERCHEN (means “Grandma”) HATZ & KLOK is a humorous "Worldjazzfolkskapop-Quintet". Their influences are drawn from Klezmer, Balkan Folk, Latin American and from classical music. Their debut album "Gallato" was presented at the International Klezmore-Festival 2011.

Combine virtuouso musicians who have played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman and for Shantels Bucovina Club Orkestar or the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar amongst others, dance tunes and passion for playing … the audience loves this “cocktail”.


Nomination of their debutalbum GALLATO by the jury of the German Record Awards.

Concerts - International Accordion Festival Vienna, Klezmore Festival Vienna, B-flat Jazzclub Berlin, Generaldirektion and Stadtfest Graz (A), Jazz & the City Festival Salzburg (A), The Montmartre-Festival Vienna and many more.

Media profile - Appearance at Austrian radio stations - (Jazztime - Ö1, Trost und Rad - Radio Wien, etc...), Appearance at international radio stations (Radio Warschau (2013), Radio Helsinki (2011), Hessischer Rundfunk Rodation), Appearance on Austrian TV (ORF, Servus TV and GO-TV) 

Awards - AUSTRIAN WORLD MUSIC audience AWARD 2015


The GMH Orkestar played a cocktail of jazz inspired by WORLD music, with Franziska Hatz on vocals and accordion. Her enthusiasm for their music encouraged some members of the audience to dance towards the back of the stands. GMHO’s music showed, more obviously than anywhere else, in the festival how expansive the jazz genre truly is.(International Jazz Festival CAIRO, 2013)


Picture 1 Gregor Buchhaus

Picture 2 Gregor Buchhaus